ASPC Corporate Social Responsibility Communications Awards

More than a decade ago, investors, customers, business partners, community leaders and environmental activists began calling on companies to document in a transparent and verifiable way their commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communications address these concerns and go far beyond traditional financial reporting to tell a story about not just what a company does but how it benefits the communities it serves and the wider world.

New for 2016, the ASPC has launched an awards program to recognize those organizations whose CSR communications most effectively tell these stories. Focused on the achievements of the professional communicators who produce these reports, web sites and social media campaigns, our program does not aim to judge the merits of an organization’s CSR program, but rather the quality of their CSR communications based on individual circumstances and the final product relative to current best practices.

We are now accepting entries for the 2016 ASPC Corporate Social Responsibility Communications Awards.

Enter Online Here

2016 Call for Entries

(Entry Deadline: Friday, November 18)

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